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Waiting For Words Waiting For Words is a collective built around the charismatic and multiskilled Zen. Each album is a new adventure as a boat on a cruise, embarking on board for longer or shorter trips, some talented artists. Waiting For Words may be compared to a modern and daring version of OMD Their music mixes cleverly rock, pop, new wave and electrodark structures, forming special and pleasant sounds.

The prestigious carrier of the group outside French borders is surprising: interviews with the BBC, unanimous positive reviews, rankings in the alternative charts in Europe and the USA, and touring in the UK, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland ... until a signature on the English label Foundry Records and an going collaboration with Steve Prestage (Japan, XTC, Peter Gabriel) on mixing and production...

The fifth album, "Follow The Signs" will be released digitally on October 22nd while the CD version will be available November 16th.

This new adventure brings together around ZeN : Melanoboy, guitarist / keyboards / production, Electrocaine on keyboards, and Soe V duetting on several tracks, but most of all, marking the album with her footprint with many lyrics and compositions. Already there on the previous album, she brings her femininity and an almost magical touch to the sound of Waiting.
Waiting For Words have all to succeed through an efficient combination retro AND futurism, up and mid-tempo, a solid and very strong Epic Electronic Pop style, with perfect vocals, inspired by syncopated melodies of bands such as Depeche Mode or Camouflage.

Waiting For Words The production is powerful, keyboards are omnipresent, some catchy electro sound, choruses quickly memorized, and beats going from EBM/Dark/Industrial to Tip Hop or more club oriented.

his new album, partly produced by the fans of the band, with 13 tracks, has already seen three singles relased with two amazing promo video that have been spreaded around the web: Out Of Control and Miles Away 3 other singles have already been identified to be released throughout the year ... The Album having of no less than 10 potential singles. The new one, "Follow My Voice", will be released on October 22nd.

On stage, Waiting For Words created a universe giving color and atmosphere to each title with screenings projections, sometimes video, sometimes computer 3D generated images, bringing a real atmosphere to the music.
In line with what our British friends call "Performers", this band can make the crossover with the "mainstream" by offering a real show that breaks the rigidity resulting too often in this style